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The CHIESMAN CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY promotes and supports democratic principles and active civic engagement.
Current Questionnaires & Surveys

Black Hills Philanthropy Study: This study was commissioned by nonprofit organizations, foundations, and businesses in order to understand the giving rates and expectations of donors living in the Black Hills area. The information gathered through this survey was anonymous and confidential. It was used only for creating a report to provide information about the generosity of the western South Dakota citizens.

Previous Questionnaires & Surveys

On-Line Surveying Instruments

Through the Institute for Educational Leadership & Evaluation and the South Dakota Public Policy Institute, the Chiesman Center collects information and input from selected participants, clients, and citizens. This site has a few of the data collection questionnaires and surveys on line.

In order to use this site you will have to have an access code and password.  All information collected through these sites is confidential and are reported in an aggregated format.  No individual is identified in the reports. 

All instruments have been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB 2706) for compliance with human protections regulations and requirements and to assure no psychological or personal harm to individuals completing the questionnaires or surveys on this site (HS 45 CFR 46) .

Previous surveys conducted

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program
  • Adolescent Substance Prevention (ASAP)
  • Boyz To Men
  • College Suicide Prevention
  • iWait
  • Keya Long Life of Good Health
  • Lakota Cirlces of Hope
  • Lead-Deadwood School District
  • Legislative Education For Greater Inquiry & Study
  • Male Health Project
  • Meade School District Survey System
  • Mountains of History 2.0
  • No Child Left Behind Title I
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Preaching Project
  • Rapid City Area School District Survey System
  • ReL8
  • Southern Hills Leadership & Resiliency Initiative
  • Spearfish School District
  • Substance Use Prevention Program
  • Supplemental Educational Services
Raiders of Character
Run for Shoes
May 9, 2014
Stevens High School, Rapid City

St. Thomas More High School wins 2013 We the People State Competition